Criterion 1 - Curricular Aspects

Key Indicator - 1.4 Feedback System


Structured feedback for design and review of syllabus ( semester wise / year wise) is obtained from 1) Students, 2) Teachers, 3) Employers, 4) Alumni, 5)Parents

  • A. Any 4 of the above

  • B. Any 3 of the above

  • C. Any 2 of the above

  • D. Any 1 of the above

  • Response: A

  • MLR Institute of Technology is sensitive to the fact that domain demands and stakeholders’ aspirations are highly valuable in the tertiary education sector. As per a well laid down SoP, the institution collects feedback on curriculum from various stakeholders like Employers, Alumni, Teachers and Students as per the SoP, a designated committee not only deploys the instrument, but also collects, analyses and suggests suitable action points to be taken on the feedback on curriculum. Based on the feedback, new programs and new courses are introduced besides modifications affected in course structures, hands-on experience, industrial exposure. The feedback is collected both online and offline in a year. All the documents are maintained in the website for transparency and accountability.