Criterion 5 - Curricular Aspects

Key Indicator - 5.4 Curriculum Design and Development


Total Amount of alumni contribution during the last five years (INR in lakhs) to the institution through registered Alumni association:

Response: 16.34


Alumni contributes and engages significantly to the development of institution through academic and other support system

Describe the alumni contributions and engagements within a maximum of 500 words

  • Alumni Association aims to bring together like-minded individuals. The purpose of the association is to foster a spirit of loyalty and to promote the general welfare of the organization. Alumni associations exist to support the parent organization's goals, and to strengthen the ties between alumni, the community, and the parent organization. The alumni association at MLRIT can perform the following activities for betterment of the student community in the institution.

    1. Adopt the Alumni Association core values of excellence, lifelong relationships, lifelong learning, inclusiveness and diversity.
    2. Participate faithfully and consistently in Alumni meetings and functions, regional alumni chapter events and other college functions;
    3. Participate actively in strategic and long range program planning to promote alumni awareness and engagement.
    4. Enthusiastically communicate the mission and purpose of the college and Alumni Association to the wider alumni population.
    5. Support a strong relationship between the Alumni Association and current students.
    6. Recognize fellow alumni who are distinguished by their loyalty, professional achievement and community service.
    7. Assist current students and alumni in career planning, placement and transitions.
    8. Develop strong working relationships with other Alumni Council member

    To thoughtfully construct an alumni relations program that will benefit both alumni & the institution for years to come. Although they do not feel they have been well served to date, alumni remain favorably disposed to the college, and there is a sense they will engage if we can capture their attention and steward their interest and time well. In order to turn the tide, we will need to better understand the feelings, needs and behaviors of the alumni body as a whole, of various segments of alumni.

    Building carefully, the alumni program will invest in facilitating opportunities for alumni to make a difference in their local community and in partnering across campus to enrich access to some of the institution’s abundance of lectures, panels, debates, etc. This strategic plan demonstrates intent to “re- launch” the college’s alumni program and make explicit our commitment to fully engaging alumni in the life of the college.