Criterion 5 - Curricular Aspects

Key Indicator - 5.3 Curriculum Design and Development


Number of awards/medals for outstanding performance in sports/cultural activities at University / state /national / international Level events during the last five years

Response: 162


Presence of an active Student Council & representation of students on academic & administrative bodies/committees of the institution.

Describe the Student Council activity and students’ role in academic & administrative bodies within a maximum of 500 words

  • MLR Institute of Technology (MLRIT) encourages participation of student representatives in various academic and administrative committees through the Students' Council. The Students’ Council is a group of selected students constituted as per guidelines of Students’ Welfare Policy to contribute their suggestions related to the initiatives taken in the institution in association with various committees of the MLRIT.
    Students’ Council consists of student representatives from various departments of the Institution and it functions as three different bodies - (1) Student Academic Council, (2) Student Administrative Council. (3) Student Social & Cultural Council. These student bodies will be constituted by various committees and Student Clubs and will be controlled by the Students' Council. Various clubs and committees functioning under these bodies are mentioned below:

    Student Academic Council:
    EWB Club:Engineers without Borders (EWB) club explores the potential of students in engineering sciences by conducting research and innovation activities.
    SAE Collegiate Club: Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) club provides a platform for students to participate in SAE events like Aero Design, Tractor Design, and Electric Two Wheeler Design etc.
    CIE: Centre for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (CIE) provides the students with a space to ideate. It also provides hands-on training on emerging technologies and access to state of the art facilities to convert student innovations into marketable products.

    Student Academic Council:

    1. Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC): IQAC is a committee which monitors quality of teaching learning, student progression and other supporting systems in the institution.
    2. Anti-Ragging and Disciplinary Committee: Anti-Ragging and Disciplinary Committee provides an ambience favorable for the Institute to be a ragging-free campus. This committee also addresses various disciplinary issues related to hostel, canteen and college premises.
    3. Grievance Redressal Committee: This committee provides the students an easy and readily accessible mechanism for resolving their day to day grievances.
    4. Women’s Protection Committee: This committee has been constituted to safeguard the well-being of all the women employees and female students of MLRIT.

    Social and Cultural Council
    1. NSS Unit: NSS unit will be actively involved in the community service for nation building with the activities such as blood donation camps, planting trees, awareness on Nation initiatives and activities etc.
    2. Sports Committee: This committee has been constituted to promote and develop interest in a particular sport or physical activity for the students and also encourage them to participate in various sports forums.